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7 Things You MUST Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation

In House Renovation Process , many people don’t know the details and steps very well.  They basically take one step at a time, so that the house renovation is finished, but the money spent and the silly path taken are quite a lot .  Therefore, remember to prepare in advance before the renovation.   Here are some tips homeowners wish they knew or had done  before  they started remodelling.           1. Budget If you want to avoid wasting money , you must make good budget arrangements before the renovation. The main costs of the budget include: material costs, labour costs, design costs, supervision costs and others . Understand the market situation and make reasonable arrangements.     2.  Home Interior Design Before proceeding with the renovation, the design of the house is drafted so that you can measure the size of the space in detail and then use it more rationally without wasting any inch of space according to your own living habits, preferences and convenience. You can also u